The painting entitled 'Duet' was done as a tribute to my father
who was a musician. When he retired, he began working with
a children's folk group at his church. His instruments had
always been the saxophone and clarinet. In order to help the
children he had to learn to play the guitar, which he did with
seemingly no effort. Indeed, he found himself giving guitar
lessons after awhile. He never charged for these lessons but
would only take those students who were willing to work hard
at it. He often acompanied them on his clarinet or saxophone
at church events. Because he never seemed content with the
pitch of the guitars he purchased, he decided to make one of
his own...one became three before he was finished and I am
the lucky recipient of one of them which I inherited after his

I tried very hard, took lessons, and practiced every
day but could not master the instrument due to arthritis in both
hands , so I took brush in hand instead and painted a vision I
had of the guitar as it might have seemed to my father...Many
faceted, always active and eliciting many moods. The result of
that painting is the work entitled 'Duet' which I hope depicts a
melody that my father and I could play together.

'Duet' won the Best Of Show Award at the Buffalo Philharmonic
Music Interpretation competition and I was thrilled to receive
that award from conductor Doc Severnson.




A Signed & Numbered Limited Edition

21" x 32" Double Matted

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